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“The ease by which I was able to integrate WebLessons into my existing curriculum was amazing. My children have found the content to be extremely interactive and fun, and I am realizing the benefits of the online elearning management system. WebLessons has been an excellent supplement to my existing curriculum.”

- Sandra Mostert, Pretoria

“The introduction of WebLessons into my children’s home schooling curriculum showed me the importance of using the internet effectively in a learning environment. Web based content is so much more interactive and reliable than print media. With WebLessons, however, I can still print out worksheets for manual working with the computer as I used to do in the past. The system is simply very flexible.”

- Amanda Smith, Rosebank

“I am currently using a number of different curriculums with my son. He has taken very well to the web based learning system offered by WebLessons and the standard of WebLessons is very good. I look forward to working with WebLessons."

- Mark Ooseterhuizen, Johannesburg

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